Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blueberry Cheese Cake

Blueberry? + Cheese? + Cake? What a fabulous combination!!!! ☻gulps~

Yeah,...I baked a Blueberry Cheese Cake for my hubby. Welcoming him home and I miss him so much. He reached KL on 19th February and will be staying there for one night to get his work done on the next day and he is home now. I baked this Blueberry Cheese Cake on 19th and refigerate it overnight. Trust me, it taste fabulous and I have grown to crave for cheese cake lately. I will try out more interesting recipes and share it with all of you here. I LOVE CHEESE CAKE!

Blueberry Cheese Cake 1

I have been scratching my head thinking of an idea on how to decorate my cheese cake before this picture been snapped. The cake alone, it'll look a bit boring for me and I came up with this idea to put my 2 lovely teddy's mug behind as the background. Mugs that meant a lot to me, it was present to me by a lovely girl on my birthday about 10 years ago and I just keep them till now. ☻Ya, I add a yellow coloured fork there to bring out some colour contrast there, make the picture look more interesting. What you all think of the picture above??

See the smaller sponge cake base there??? arhh.. I just got myself a 9" springform pan and the normal cake pan I have currently is 8" pan. The 2 different size pan makes my cake look a bit "cacat" here.

Blueberry Cheese Cake 2

My attempt to snapped the cheese cake on different angle. I found this angle are just amazing.

Blueberry Cheese Cake 3
This is how the springform pan look like and look at my cheese cake. It cracked just like the one Constance baked the other day. We face the same problems dear. Huh~why, why, why??

Philadelphia Cream Cheese - RM10.30, expensive weiii...

I truly recommend this recipe...YUMMY!
500g Cream cheese
110g Sugar (i use 100g - i prefer it less sweet)
40g Flour
3 Egg yolks
1 Egg
400ml Sour cream
3 Egg whites
75g Sugar
30g Cornflour
350g Blueberry pie filling (i use 200g only because they sell in smaller package)

☻Prepare a 10" thin round vanilla sponge cake

Cream (A) till light.
Add in (B) and mix till well blended.
Add (C) and cream till smooth and light.
Add (D) and mix till well combined.
Whip (E) till stiff. Add (F) and mix well. Add this into the cheese mixture and mix till well incorporated.
Grease and line a 10" round cake tin, then place the thin layer of vanilla sponge cake on the bottom.
Pour in some of the cheese filling. Place some blueberry pie filling on top and pour the remaining cheese filling on top.
Bake at 150c for 90 minutes.
Leave to cool. Refrigerate overnight.
Remove it from the mould, then place the blueberry pie filling on top and spread it evenly. (I omit this because I don't like the cheese cake to be too sweet)

Note: Try to get the good quality of blueberry pie filling which is not too sweet and thicker one. If you love something sweet just proceed with the amount of sugar and blueberry as stated on the recipe.


vialentino said...

wah...blueberry cheese cake sumore....i really loving it....

FAD MOM said...

wow! this time you used two packs of cheese! it must taste absolutely like heaven! i too intend to bake more cheesecake too!

Jia You ~ :P

TINTIN said...

Via: Thanks for drop by!
Fad Mom: Yea, 2 packs of cream cheese for this Blueberry Cheese Cake, do bake more and share the recipe with me ya .. o(^-^)O

Wendy said...

tin tin... I had Tom to bring me cream cheese in his 2008 CNY trip to Malaysia, because the price of cream cheese sold in supermarket or bakery supply shop....expensive lor!!! no wonder it cost so much for a small piece at secret recipe! LOL!! I got the same type here at USD1.00 only, may be will bring you some when I go back!

TINTIN said...

Giggle: Yea, the cream cheese here are so expensive. Imagine that, I use 2 pack of cream cheese for this recipe and it already cost me RM20+ for only the cheese and not add in the cost for other ingredients yet.

Olivia said...

What a beautiful cheesecake. Your hubby must be very happy with it. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Will definitely try it one day.


Anonymous said...

Tin Tin, thanks for the recipe...I baked yesterday and it was nice. I feel very happy with the result =)


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