Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Winter Melon & Luo Han Guo (罗汉果) Dessert

Luo Han Guo/Buddha Fruit Soup2

Luo Han Guo - 罗汉果 are used for respiratory ailments, sore throats and reputed to aid longevity. The fruit can act as a remedy for sun stroke, wet the lungs, remove phlegm, stop cough and aid defecation. The weather has been horrid recently - hot and warm today, cold and raining tomorrow. Many people are down with flu, fever, sore-throat etc...
I cooked this soup for my kids to clear away the inner body heatness. Winter melon and luo han guo are the great combination for this dessert. It's easy to prepare and delicious.

(This is how the Luo Han Guo (罗汉果) look like - I got this pic from Klein Cheung in Flickr. I forget to took the picture before cooking)

Luo Han Guo/Buddha  Fruit Soup1


1 Luo Han Guo (罗汉果)
300 g Winter Melon - cut into stripes (冬瓜)
50 g Dried Longan (龙眼肉)
30 g Red Dates (红枣)
30 g Dried Lotus Seeds (莲子)
30 g Lily Bulb (白合)
2 litre Water
some Rock Sugar or Honey to taste

What to do!!

Wash the luo han guo on running tap water and crack it a little.

Raise all the ingredients to clean. Put the ingredients into a pot with the cracked luo han guo and winter melon stripes except dried longan.

Add water and bring it to boil. Let it simmer in low fire for 1 hour before adding the dried longan and continue to cook for 30minutes.

***(Add rock sugar to taste at the time you add the dried longan if you want to add sugar)

As the luo han guo and dried longan are sweet by itself, we can cook it without the rock sugar and just add 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey before serving. It's healthier and more nutricious.

Notes: Do not cook longans for more than 30 minutes. Or else they would lose the sweetness and turn soggy.

Try it!!!

Happy Cooking ~☻~


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

This dessert just come right time in this kind of hot weather season.

Caca said...

thanks, for telling me not to cook dried longan for too long.


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