Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tom-Yum Chicken

Tom Yum Chicken

People who knows me long enough will know that I love Thai food very much. I can make a one day trip to Hatyai, Southern Thailand just to enjoy the Thai food there. My appetite will boast when it come to this sweet, sour and spicy food. I will forget entirely about my diet plan or the big "sparetyre" around my waist ~ LOL..

Kaffir Leaves

- kaffir lime leaves -

Normally we will have the soup type Shirmp or Seafood Tom-Yum all the time. It's Tom-Yum paste cooked into soup with different seafood in it. Shirmp, squids, fish meat and clams with mushrooms, chilies and tomatoes. Lemon grass and kaffir leaves was added for the extra flavour. It was normally served with the rice noodles (bee hoon) which is has become one of my favourite Thai dishes, a must have when I visit Thai restaurant. It's just delicious, for those who haven't tried Tom-Yum before, please go and find out now!!

Today, I want to share with all of you one easy way to prepare this Tom-Yum recipe, Tom-Yum Chicken. This recipe are perfect for those who is working. Just marinade the chicken with all the ingredients a night before or in the morning if you want to cook it for dinner then just wrap it with aluminium foil before we bake them in the oven and Voila~ you'll have this delicious Tom-Yum Chicken for your lunch, teatime or dinner. Easy right??? This is what I did when I'm lazy to cook. No need to do a lot of washing and it really save a lot of time... hehe!! Lazy me!

Tom Yum Chicken1

Tom-Yum Chicken Recipe

5-6 large chicken drumsticks with thigh(skinned)

Ingredients for marinade:
2 tbsp Tom-Yum Paste (I use Peace Brand, I've tried and it's excellent!)
8-10 shallots (skinned)
5 clove garlics (skinned)
3 red chillies (seeded, cut into smaller pieces)
4-5 small hot chillies/cili padi (I omit this, my kids can't take it too spicy)
4 pieces kaffir leaves (cut into smaller pieces)
2 tbsp honey
some salt

For Garnishing:

lemon (cut into wedges)
some mints leaves

Wash chicken, remove skin and all the excessive fat. Use knife to cut few lines on it for better marinade.
Blend all the marinade ingredients until fine and in paste form. **Do not add water when blending them.
Rub the ground ingredients on chicken and marinate for at least 2 hours or preferably over night.
Preheated oven at 200c, wrap the chicken seperately with aluminium foil (can line it with a piece of banana leaves if you want-optional) and bake for 30-35 mins.
Serve warm with steamed rice or we can just eat the chicken alone.

Note: ***Adjust the flavour according to your own preference and it's also depend on brand of Tom-Yum paste used. When the chicken is cooked, there will be some chicken juice inside the aluminium foil. **Don't throw that away, that's the best Tom-Yum soup you can ever have!!*** hehe~

Enjoy Your Weekend & Happy Cooking!!!



ann low said...

I have kaffir lime plant at home and I love spicy food. Will add this to my to do list. Thanks for sharing

Wendy said...

Tin Tin.... I have to slow down on baking for a while, "spare tire" is growing.. :-(

Kitchen Corner said...

I like to eat Thai cuisine too! Your tom yum chicken looks very very tasty! I must give it a try. Thanks for sharing!

ChichaJo said...

Like Anncoo I also have a kaffir lime plant at's the only plant that has survived in my flat! Plus I love Thai food and tom-yum so I will definitely try this!

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

I like this one because I like all spicy food, this can be one of the item if I will have BBQ later

Chibog in Chief said...

Oh my goodness this chicken looks absolutely heaven!! and thats the first time i saw a kaffir leaves, thanks for sharing


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