Saturday, March 7, 2009

Turmeric Chicken Rice

Turmeric Chicken Rice3

Apart from normal daily 2 dishes and 1 soup meal, I want to cook something different today. I have tried the Hainanese Chicken Rice before but not this Turmeric Chicken Rice - Wendy's signature dish which look so appetizing. I bought 3 packets of drumsticks which consist of 3 drumsticks in a packet yesterday and started my work at night. Marinate the chicken overnight before we can cook this delicious chicken rice. After some pounding, blending and mixing work~ chicken are lay in a big bowl, wrapped with cling wrap and refrigerated. On the next day we just have to take out the chicken and return it to room temperature before we pan fry it with the greased pan. Easy right?☻

Fresh turmeric are used to cook this chicken rice. I always love to use the fresh one to compare with the turmeric powder. Don't worry when turmeric stained our fingernails and fingers when we peeled and pound them, it can be wash out in a day or two. Always wear an apron when cooking this dishes

The peeled turmeric are pound finely before it's use to marinate the chicken.

Turmeric Chicken1

5-6 chicken drumsticks
cooked rice for 5-6 people (preferably overnight rice)

For marinate the chicken:

60g fresh turmeric (pounded finely)
100g minced shallots
1/4 cup soy sauce
3 tsp dark soy sauce
2 tsp sugar
2 tsp sesame oil
1 tbsp oyster sauce
2/3 tsp white pepper

For the rice:

some sesame oil
soy sauce to taste
slash of white pepper

Marinate the chicken:

Wash and skinned the drumstick. Cut a deep line on both side.
Mixed all the marinate ingredients in a container.
Rub the chicken pieces until it evenly coated.
Refrigerate over night, turn once for evenly marinating.

Cooking Method:

Chicken should be in room temperature before we pan-fry it.
Heat up and grease a non stick pan with some oil.
In low-medium heat, cook the chicken. Adjust the heat accordingly to prevent the chicken got burnt. Cover with lid for better cooking.
Cook for about 10 mins per side for drumsticks (the time of cooking depend on the size of the drumstick) Flip and cook the other side too.
When all the chicken are done. Pour the left over marinating sauce into the pan, bring it to boil.
In low heat add in the cooked rice, stir and mix well. Add some sesame oil, soy sauce and some pepper to taste.
It should be done in about 2 mins time, don't overcooked the rice. Serve warm with the drumsticks.

Note: I straight fall in love with this dishes when I first try it. A simple and yummy dishes that is a must try !!!☻


Yih Yann said...

This one looks delicious...

FAD MOM said...

this reminds me of my mom's tumeric chicken too! nice!

Wendy said...

Tin Tin.. just a reminder, if you use the cold overnight rice, the timing to stir the rice in the sauce should be longer in order to heat up the rice. I'm going to cook this again... just love it!

TINTIN said...

Thank you for all the messages. Yes, not only you Giggle...I'm going to cook this again too :D


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