Thursday, April 16, 2009

(Non-Halal) Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup

Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup1

I think everyone knows this phrase "An Apple A Day, Keep The Doctor Away" but did you know that eating 7 black beans a day, keep the diseases away??? I read this from an article in a health magazine about Black Beans, its nutrients content and its health benefits, etc..etc... so, take more black beans for good health .. hahaha!! For more health information about this healthy food - BLACK BEAN and it's nutrition. Please click HERE (just in case you are unaware about it, please read!! )

Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup2

Black beans and pork ribs makes good combination for this soup. It doesn't taste that delicious if we replace pork ribs with chicken. I have my own secret recipe for this soup by adding few slices of ginseng in it. It taste extremely delicious that everyone must try okay?? That's how I trick my kids to have ginseng as well ~lol. The ginseng chicken soup taste way too bitter for them.

Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup

pic above: The different between the cooked and un-cooked black beans. It'll expand double it's size when the beans are cooked.

Soup cooked with claypot and coal stove are always taste the BEST. But nowadays, the younger generation don't have a coal stove at home and don't even know how to use it. For me, I will use the double-boiling method or slow cooker as replacement. The soup we cook won't dries up with this 2 method and the meat retained it's juice and sweetness. It's definitely taste better than the boiling method. We'll get really clear soup too ~☻

Black Bean Pork Ribs Soup4

My all time favourite Black Bean Soup.... Here is the recipe!! ☻~


100g black bean
250g - 300g pork ribs(I use 300g)
6-8 slice ginseng(I put 8 slices)
15 red dates
1 tbsp wolf berries
1 tsp salt or to taste
1.5 litre water(add in a little more water if you want more soup)


Pick up damage black bean and raise, clean it with water. Place the black beans in a bowl and pre-soak it overnight. The beans will expand to double its actual size.

Wash and blanch the pork ribs with hot boiling water (for clearer soup and clean the meat purposes) and place the meat into double-boiler pot. Add in pre-soaked black beans, red dates, wolf berries and ginseng slices.

Pour in 1.5 litre water (normally I will use hot water for faster boiling) and fill the lower layer of the pot water and start cooking it in high heat till the water are boiling.

Once the water are boiling, turn down the heat and cook it in low heat for 60mins.

After 60mins, the black beans shall be soft at this time. Turn off the heat and add salt to taste.

Serve warm.

(serve: 5-6 medium bowl soup)



Reanaclaire said...

wow Amy.. i really have to salute u... and a few others as well... really envy u all.. can cook so well.. your husband must be very blessed to have u for a wife and yr kids to have u as their mum!

Colin Woon said...

I love pork ribs but black bean...hmmm...not a big fan. How does it taste, sour, salty, or slightly sweet? Mostly likely good coming from your kitchen.

Dragon said...

This soup looks gorgeous! I can't wait for the recipe. :)

TINTIN said...

Claire : Thank you. I'm still learning to be a good chef actually.
Colin : One word, it taste "YUMMY" lol~
Dragon : It doesn't only look gorgeous, it taste gorgeous too!! hehe.. I will try to post the recipe by today, still busy now :P

Pam said...

Wow - it looks so hearty and delicious.


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