Monday, November 2, 2009

Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon

Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake2

Ya, chiffon cake again!! Among all the flavours, orange & pandan chiffon are my family's favourite. I got this idea from a friend of mine Ann-Ann by adding some poppy seeds to my orange chiffon. I like it when in every bite of the cottony soft cake there is this crunchy popping sound of poppy seeds. Those who haven't try this poppy seeds in chiffon shall try it now. I added 2 tablespoon of poppy seeds for this cake but it is not that visible after the cake was baked. I think I shall add another tablespoon in it when I bake the cake again next time.

Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake1

I just added 2 tbsp of Poppy Seeds in the egg yolk mixture. You can add more like 3 tbsp if you like more poppy seeds in you cake. Please click HERE for the "Orange Chiffon Cake Recipe"



ann low said...

I love the flavour of orange in chiffon cake but poppy seed is not allowed to sell in Singapore.

COLARGOL said...

très joli gateau, j'adore !! I love it, Congruatulation

tracieMoo said...

Amy.. I have a problem with chiffon :( My cake seems to stick on the cake tin, and it's so soft that when I cut it, it becomes squashed. I'm not suppose to grease the mould right? How can I make it not stick on the cake tin? I failed twice, please enlighten me :(

TINTIN said...

Anncoo: Poppy seed was banned in S'pore??
Colargol: Thank you!
Tracie: Yes for chiffon cake we are not suppose to grease the cake pan. I wonder how you unmould it, did you use a thin knife to run around the cake pan before unmould it? My chiffon also stick on the cake tin. There are few reasons of unsuccessful chiffon. Make sure you beat the egg whites correctly as it plays very important part in chiffon cake. Make sure you over turn the baked chiffon cake immediately after you remove it from the oven. Wait till it's all cool before you unmould and cut it.

Try again!!! You can do it...

tracieMoo said...

Thanks Amy! Will try again :)

*Ah Bii* said...

Hi Amy,

Have you tried lemon chiffon cake or lemon honey chiffon cake?

Can I just change the orange to lemon, will it be too sour?

And if I would like to add honey, do I need to change the liquid portion?

Sorry for so many questions.. heheh...

Thanks ~~~~


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