Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Steamed Egg Cake

Steamed Egg Cake1

Yay~ Yay~ I'm back finally !!! It's really sorry to say that, I can't get online because my WiMax account got suspended ~☻. I didn't pay a cent since the first day I sign up the internet service. I was frusfrated when the connection are slow and it also keep on disconnect most of the time and was in between the decision to continue using its service and vice-versa.

In the passed weeks, I've been browsing for this steamed egg cake recipes online and came up with few different way of making it. Some recipe required the "chiu peah" and I saw one recipe using "7-up" as their ingredients. I would like to apologise for those who are waiting me to post the recipe of this steamed egg cake because I've actually make this cakes using the "Happy Grass" steamed cake-mix and I don't have the actual recipe for it.

Steamed Egg Cake2

I don't know if you can get this type of steamed cake-mix at your place but it's truly recommended by me. The cakes are yummy, not too sweet, soft, fluffy and the most important part is it's cracked at the top and "smiled" when we steamed it.


Each time when I bake my own cakes, I try not to use as much colourings, flavour essense or preservatives on it. At first I just want to make this cake in white colour but my elder daughter, she want it in pink. Just like the one she use to eat, the one that I bought for her from the market. I scoop few big spoons of the batter into another bowl, mix it with a drop of pink food colouring and cover the white batter in the paper cup with a spoon of this pink batter before I steamed them and here we got the lovely pinky cakes~ ☻

Steamed Cake Mix

"Happy Grass" steamed cake-mix that I've been use to bake those lovely cakes above.

Here is the recipe for the simple steamed egg cake:

1 packet of Happy Grass steamed cake mix

4 eggs (room temperature)

100ml milk (room temperature)

Method :

Beat the eggs and milk in high speed till the bubbles appears (about 2 mins).
Add in the steamed cake mix graduallyand continue to blend for 6 minutes till the mixture is smooth and white.
Spoon the mixture into the lined steam cups, about 90% full. Use a small knife coated with some oil and draw a cross "X" mark on top of the batter.
Steam the cakes in steamer with hot boiling water for 15-25mins (depend on size of the cups).


Colin Woon said...

I think it looks good! Man, I missed that!

Wendy said...

cantik lor!!

Vera said...

These look lovely!

TINTIN said...

Thank you, Thank you!!


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