Monday, October 12, 2009

Chocolate Toast

Chocolate Toast3

Before I own a breadmaker, this is the type of bread I will usually bought when I go to the bakery. My kids they love this chocolate flavour toast, they will normally spread a thin layer of planta (margarine) and spinkle some sugar on it and they just love to eat it that way. Simple and yummy!

Chocolate Toast2

I used the recipe provided along when I bought my breadmaker but the recipe is for plain white toast and I slightly made some changes to it. The texture of the bread turn out to be satisfactory, soft not chewy at all (I don't like chewy bread). The bread remains soft for the following 3 days as well.

Chocolate Toast1

Try this out if you like chocolate bread.

Ingredients needed:

270 ml Water
400 gm High Protein Flour
30 gm Choco Powder
1/2 tsp Chocolate paste
1/2 tsp Salt
3 tbsp Castor Sugar (I use 4 tbsp)
1 tbsp Milk Powder
1 1/2 tsp Instant Yeast
2 tbsp Butter


Mix well high protein flour with choco powder and milk powder. Set aside.
Pour water into the breadmaker pan. Add the flour mixture on top of it, followed by salt at one of the corner and sugar at the center part.
Dig and make a well at the center of the flour mixture and add in yeast (not too deep to avoid the yeast contact with the water). Cover up it up with flour.
Choose the "DOUGH" function on the breadmaker and press start. Let the breadmaker knead the dough.
After about 5-7 mins of kneading add in the butter and chocolate paste. Let it continue to knead. After 30 mins of kneading, let the dough rest for 45-50 mins before we punch on the dough to release all gas inside.
Divided the dough into 3 equal balls, roll and shape it into sringroll shape and place them into the baking pan. Let the dough proof until double it's size before bake them in the oven.
Brush some milk and egg yolks mixture in the surface of the bread before we put in the preheated oven and bake at 180c for 20mins (or until the bread is cooked and brown).




Chibog in Chief said...

hmmm what a yummy way to start the morning!! love it!

Colin Woon said...

Great texture! Looks really good!

Art of Eating said...

Waiting for your recipe sharing, the chocolate bread looks good

Canary said...

Looks really soft. Waiting for your recipe.Thanks~♥


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