Monday, April 13, 2009

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls

After I take out all my baking ingredients in my kitchen cupboard to wipe and rearrange them back. I checked one by one it's expired date and only notice that I still got one pack of Bread Flour untouched which is expiring very soon on 30 April. Oh my god, I must finished this 1kg bread flour in one week time. I think I will use it to make some sweet buns and use it for making Pizza Crust again. Since I still didn't get myself a bread maker, kneading the dough using my hand are really time consuming.

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls1

I read most of the recipes for making bread are using machine to knead the dough, I don't know if I can hand knead the dough. Again, this time I use the recipe from Constance and I just shape it the other way making them into small buns.

Sweet Cinnamon Rolls2



Colin Woon said...

Sweet looking cinnamon rolls! How I wish I can have one now!

Angiekyl said...

Looks really YUMMY

FAD MOM said...

Beautiful, Amy! You are getting really good in it now! I am hungry for one of that, pleassse...


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