Friday, January 15, 2010

My Hanoi Trip & Food...

Let me explain the reason of my sudden missing in action for the past 2 months. The kids starts their long school holidays and bring all 3 of them to Hanoi for holidays while visit my hubby who working there at the same time. We stayed there for 1 month and spend the quality time together.

My hubby have been there working for about 2 years and I can proudly said that he now can understand and speak vietnamese(wink*). What is it so proud of it??*** Believe me, vietnamese language is not easy to master. Each word sound so funny to me and worst is, they have many different meanings which will bring us to trouble when we use it wrongly.

When he first stepped his foot there. He don't understand even a word of the vietnamese language, not to said their culture or places. Till now, he still can't remember all the name of the streets there but luckily he hire a vietnamese to be his loyal driver. No one can move around in the city of Vietnam without a good driving skill - kudos to them!!. Vietnam, especially the Ho Chi Minh city and Hanoi city are said to have the most terrible traffic system. Dare you drive a car or ride your own bike there??

I have been to Ho Chi Minh once and Hanoi for more than 5 times. I have tried almost all of the food there and today I want share some of the food we ate during our stay there. I hope this will gave all of you a rough idea on what the local people there normally eat.


Minced Pork Rolls - sorry, I don't know what is it called in Vietnamese. These are fried minced pork rolled with some kind of herbs leaves. (Yummy*)


Prawn Sashimi - We can eat it just like that, dipped with the sauce of our choice or wrapped it in the rice springroll skin together with some herbs, vege & fruits (starfruit/mango) of our choice.


Above are the paper look-alike made from rice, springrolls skin.


Side dishes - Fried beancurd.


Crab - A must have!!


My favourite part when eating crab...hehe!


Fried mini spring rolls with meat


This taste just like our "Acar Timun"

Arrh!!! It takes me like forever to upload my pictures into photobucket. I think I better upload them again in my next post. My dear friends, I have been busy with school re-open where now I have to send my eldest son to the secondary school and my 2 princess to the different primary school. I still cannot make up my time to exploring my baking adventure. I hope to be back sharing with all of you my cooking soon. I wish all of you a nice weekend, enjoy!!



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