Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sweet & Sour Pineapple Chicken - “菠萝鸡”

Pineapple Chicken1

Anything that taste sweet & sour will sure boost my appetite. I love sweet & sour food so much. Yesterday, I cook my family's favourite Pineapple Chicken -“菠萝鸡”. We can't finish one pineapple as my kids they don't eat pineapple and end up cooking this dish for lunch. This dish is super yummy!!

Pineapple Chicken2

It's very easy to cook and taste me!!!

"Claire, you must try this ya :p ~"

Pineapple Chicken3


3 chicken drumsticks (weight approx. 500gm)
1/2 medium size pineapple (skinned & cut into small pieces)
2 red chillies (cut into 1cm pieces)
1 onion (cut into thin wedges)
2 tomatoes (cut into wedges)

some chopped garlic

1 tsp sugar
2 tsp oyster sauce
1 tsp light soy sauce
1 egg
3 tbsp tapioca flour

1 tbsp chilli sauce (add more if you like it spicy)
3 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 tbsp sugar
50ml water (or canned pineapple juice)


  • Clean chicken and remove the excessive fats on the chicken thighs. Cut it into smaller pieces. (I remove it's skin. However, it's up to your preference to retain the skin or remove it)
  • Season with marinade ingredients for at least 30 mins (I marinade it overnight because I was in the rush of time). Deep-fry it in the hot oil until golden in colour. Remove from oil, drain well and set a side.
  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in the hot wok, add in the chopped garlic, onion wedges and stir-fry till it's fragrant.
  • Add in sauce mixture and bring to boil. Add in fried chicken pieces, pineapple, red chillies and tomatoes. Stir-fry briskly until well combined.
  • Thicken with the sauce with some constarch solutions (*optional - just omit this step if the sauce already thick).
  • Dish up and serve warm with steamed rice.

p/s: Before dish up taste and slightly adjust the taste to your own liking. Add more sugar if you prefer it to be sweeter, more tomato sauce if you like it sourish or some salt if you like it salty.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cool & Refreshing Guava Fruit

Yummy Guava Fruit1

I bought some Guava fruit from the market today. I like the seedless Guava and eat them with the preserved plum and some chilli powder. Some of my friends told me, before eating the Guava fruit we must soak it in salt water for a longer time to get rid of the pesticide sprayed on it. Wash few times to make sure it is clean before we unskinned and slice it.

Yummy Guava Fruit2

My model of the day. Please meet this 2 lovely Guava!!! hehe

Yummy Guava Fruit3

Seedless Guava eaten with this seedless preserved plum are just GREAT.

Yummy Guava Fruit4

To prepare this simple and yummy Guava Fruit, we need:

1 medium size seedless Guava (cut into thin slices)

4-5 seedless preserved Plum (cut it into thin stripes)

1/2 tsp chilli powder


Wash and slice the guava. Drain and place it in a big bowl.
Add in the plum stripes and chilli powder.
Stir to mix thoroughly. Transfer it to a smaller clean bowl.
Chill it in the fridge for 20 - 30 minutes before serving.

Yummy Guava Fruit5

This is a real addictive snack. Once we eat this, we cannot stop it!! Try it out!


Monday, November 2, 2009

Sweet Cinnamon Raisins Bun

Sweet Cinnamon Raisins Bun3

If sausage buns are my kids favourite then my favourite buns will be these "Sweet Cinnamon Raisins Bun". I just can't resist the sweet smell of Cinnamon all over my house when I bake it in oven. I like to have it with a cup of freshly brewed warm coffee and of course together with some girlfriends for our girly talks. That's how I describe a wonderful afternoon :) I baked Cinnamon Rolls before, at that time I just hand to knead the dough and it really takes me like whole life to get the dough elastic and ready. I didn't give up tho, but the texture of the buns sure cannot compare with the one knead with breadmaker, it's more fluffy and soft. The texture of the buns remain soft for the following 3 days.

Sweet Cinnamon Raisins Bun2

I use the Basic Sweet Bun Recipe that I use for the Sausage Buns. Just follow the recipe there but omit the sausage and for it's filling I use ground cinnamon, brown sugar, raw sugar and raisins.

Sweet Cinnamon Raisins Bun1

Ingredients for filling:
1 tsp Ground Cinnamon (add more if you prefer stronger cinnamon taste) + 2 tsp Brown Sugar + 1 tsp Raw Sugar + 2 tbsp Raisins (soak in warm water for 5-10mins, drained and dry it)


  • Mix all the ingredients for filling in a small bowl.
  • Weight the dough into 60gm small portion. Roll it into 2" x 5" rectangular shape.
  • Spread the filling mixture evenly with the raisin evenly place on the dough and roll it up like spring roll.
  • Cut it with scissors at the center of the roll up dough and fold it up. Place the dough (the cut surface face up) into the paper cup.
  • Bake in the preheated oven at 180c for 12-15mins.

p/s: For more Cinnamon Bun Recipe or idea of it's filling. Please visit Kitchen Corner - Grace's Blog. I like her recipe of soak the raisins in RUM and the use of honey for the fillings. I will definitely try out her recipe soon!!!


Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon

Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake2

Ya, chiffon cake again!! Among all the flavours, orange & pandan chiffon are my family's favourite. I got this idea from a friend of mine Ann-Ann by adding some poppy seeds to my orange chiffon. I like it when in every bite of the cottony soft cake there is this crunchy popping sound of poppy seeds. Those who haven't try this poppy seeds in chiffon shall try it now. I added 2 tablespoon of poppy seeds for this cake but it is not that visible after the cake was baked. I think I shall add another tablespoon in it when I bake the cake again next time.

Orange Poppy Seed Chiffon Cake1

I just added 2 tbsp of Poppy Seeds in the egg yolk mixture. You can add more like 3 tbsp if you like more poppy seeds in you cake. Please click HERE for the "Orange Chiffon Cake Recipe"


My Kid's Favourite Buns...

Sausage Bun Again1

My kids have been bugging me again and again to bake them their favourite sausage buns. I was in rush to go out and just roll it up this simple way. The most common way we can always seen in the bakery. The recipe I use yield 10-12 sausage buns, they each ate one right after the pictures was taken and keep each for breakfast tomorrow morning. My elder daughter she will bring the bun to school and just drink a cup of Milo as her breakfast. She can't eat much early morning just like me.

Sausage Bun Again2

Sausage Buns Recipe - (recipe using breadmaker)


150ml Water + Egg (1 egg & add water till it reach 150ml)
100ml Fresh Milk (I use Dutch Lady Full Cream Milk)
320gm High Protein Flour (Bread Flour)
80gm Plain Flour
90gm Castor Sugar
1 tsp Salt
2 tsp Instant Yeast
50gm Butter (softened to room temperature)
8 piece of Sausage (I prefer Ayamas brand)

Some roasted sesame seeds (optional)
egg yolk + milk (for brushing before baking)


  • Put all the liquid ingredients into breadmaker pan.
  • Add in the high protein & plain flour.
  • At the center of the flour mixture, dig a small well (*not too deep) & place the yeast and cover it up.
  • Add in sugar at the center and salt on it side.
  • Select "DOUGH" function on the breadmaker and press "START" to start kneading.
  • After about 5 mins of kneading, add in the softened butter cubes. Let it continue to knead for 20mins or till the dough are elastic.
  • Let the dough proof either in the breadmaker or in a greased big mixing bowl for up to 1 1/2hrs.
  • Punch to release the gas capture in the dough. Cut into smaller pieces.
  • Flatten the dough before place the sausage and roll up it up.
  • Rest the buns for further 15-20mins at warm place. Cover it up with cling wrap or place them in the air-tight container to prevent it dries up. The buns shall doubled up it's size.
  • Brush it with egg+milk mixture & sprinkle some sesame seeds on the surface before bake it in preheated oven for 10-15mins at 180c*




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