Saturday, February 28, 2009

Soft Jelly In Longan Syrup

Longan Jelly1

My elder daughter have been asking me to cook this jelly for her several time. This is her favourite dessert. It's very easy to cook and we can make this jelly for children's birthday party. The jelly itself are not too sweet, it taste just nice when eaten with the canned longan flesh and it's syrup.

Let me share this simple and nice jelly recipe with all of you☻

25 g/1 packet of thai jelly powder
4 liter water
500 g sugar
400 g/ 1 can of evaporated milk
2 can of king longan
30 plastic cup with cover

Cook the jelly powder in the water until it is fully dissolved.
Add sugar and bring the jelly mixture to boil.
Add evaporated milk and stir the mixture well. Don't over boil it.
Switch of the stove and set aside.
Let it cool before fill in the plastic cup with cover.
Fill the jelly mixture about 80% full, leave some space for the longan flesh.
Let the jelly set before add 2 longan flesh and 3 tsp of longan syrup on it.
Refrigerated it before serving.

Jelly in the plastic cup before the longan is added.

Note: The recipes above makes 28-30 cup of jelly. We can store them in the fridge and eat them at anytime we like. Great for party, when we have many guest☻


Wendy said...

hey tin tin, wow!! how can you still be so thin? Looks like there is always something nice to eat everyday at your home!! LOL!! Do you have the recipe for the soy bean jelly with longan, i miss them so much!!!

TINTIN said...

Actually this is the "soy bean jelly" that they sells to us. It taste just like one but no soy bean was used in the recipe :)

Wendy said...

oooorrr!!! now I know. probably they call soy bean jelly because it has been sold by most of the soy bean stall!! LOL!! I will sure make this jelly one day!!! thank you ya!!!

Simonne said...

hi just wanna confirm u using 4 litre water with 1 pack of agar powder. may i know how much is the agar powder in gram ?

I'm using the mermaid brand with 2 litre of water


TINTIN said...

Simonne : Yes, the agar-agar powder is 25g and actually I measured the water with the plastic cup i used to fill in the cooked agar-agar and it's around 23 cup of water.. (4 liter) I love the very soft agar-agar texture which is melt in mouth. If u prefer the harder agar-agar can reduce the water accordingly :)

Simonne said...

Thanks for your reply.
I've tried out 2 tsp, 1 tsp and 1.5 tsp (for 1 litre + 200ml evaporated milk)
Have finally found the texture i want


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