Thursday, April 2, 2009

Double-Boiled D.O.M Chicken

Double Boiled DOM Chicken1

ATTENTION: Pretty mommies out there!!! Let me introduce to all of you this very nutricious, delicious, easy and simple dish. When I first visit a Chinese Acurpunture Master few years ago, I got introduce to this dish by him. When I first saw his 63 years old wife at his home that time. I was wondering how she could maintained her good health and beautiful skin, she doesn't look like a 60 years old lady at all. Her face are free of wrinkles and freckles. Her face and neck look so firm and both her cheeks are rosy red in colour. I asked him half jokingly "Wow, what your wife eat, she look so young & pretty???" He smiled and tell me, "It's easy, let me teach you a simple recipe and my wife cook this most of the time" .... that's this simple & easy Double-Boiled D.O.M Chicken☻.

Double Boiled DOM Chicken2

Wolfberries & red dates are used for this dish.

Chicken drumsticks in the double-boiled pot with all the ingredients.
Double Boiled DOM Chicken3

This dishes are suitable for those who are in their confinement too, just add in a few slices of ginseng & cook it on low fire for longer time.
Double Boiled DOM Chicken4

Recipe for this Double-Boiled D.O.M Chicken:


2 big chicken drumsticks
3 tbsp D.O.M liquor
1 tbsp ginger juice
5 tbsp water (optional, I prefer it to have some soup to go with white rice)
1 tbsp wolfberries
10 red dates
1/2 tsp sesame oil

pinch of salt

* I measured the ingredients with the spoon we normally use for drinking soup-bigger size one*

Ways to prepare it:

Remove all the fat you can see on drumsticks and raise it to clean with water.
Place the chicken drumsticks into the double-boil pot.
Add in ginger juice, D.O.M, water, sesame oil.
Raise the wolfberries and red dates before add into the pot.
Cover the pot and cook the chicken on high heat until the water at the lower layer of the double boiler are boiling.
Lower down the heat and continue to cook for about 40 minutes.
Switch off the fire and place the chicken drumsticks on a bowl.
Stir in some salt into the chicken soup and pour the soup onto the drumsticks.
Serve hot with or without rice.

D.O.M Liquor

Notes: We can always use the whole chicken for this dishes. Just double or triple the ingredients used and it's all depend on the size of the chicken. Children too can take this, as the alchohol's content have reduced after we cook them. It's delicious!! ~☻


Wendy said...

friend.... can I use RUM instead of DOM??? I don't want to buy too much alcohol mar....

TINTIN said...

Giggle: All the while the recipe is using D.O.M one. I've never tried using RUM. But, I think RUM is more suitable for baking.

bigfish_chin said...

oh... this D.O.M Chicken really look great! I gonna try it man! Lovely alchohol chicken!

FAD MOM said...

i keep thinking of this yummy dish, Amy... hmm wonder if yomeishu can work or not..

TINTIN said...

Bigfish: I'm having some internet problems here ~ slow connection. Will post up the recipe for you once my connection are back to normal :D Pls wait okay!
Fad Mom: I don't know about Yomeishu..but you can try it if you want.

ChichaJo said...

Chicken with DOM...sounds delicious! Hope your internet speeds up soon! :)

MH said...

I prepared this dish for dinner today. I used one whole chicken, put everything in my claypot and double-boil/steam in my wok. It was very tasty & delicious! My family loves it very much. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe! :)

TINTIN said...

ChichaJo: Thank you :)
MH: Glad to hear that your family love this dish. Thanks for trying!! :))

Noob Cook said...

Hi, I tried this recipe and I love it. I feel healthier and have rosy cheeks after consuming it weekly for two weeks. I blogged about it on my site, thanks for sharing your recipe. I'm glad to find your blog :)

Unknown said...

LOL. why don't you use vodka instead? hahahahaha

Virtual Pear said...

just wonder why the salt must put in last?

Unknown said...

Tin Tin this recipe sounds good even without I try it yet.Reading some comments , I would like to respond to Lee & Giggle @ Vodka is made by the distillation of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruits and/or Sugar. And alcohol content is high.This hard liquor good for making cocktails not in2 cooking.Rum is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses, or directly from sugarcane juice. Rum taste good in fruit cake or doing your chocolate or yr cocktail

DOM is an herbal liqueur (27 herbs and flavors).It benefits yr health.Therefore Tin's recipe is suitable when DOM is included


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