Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steamed Moist Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Moist Cake4

I've been busy in the past week, guess what I've been up to?? It's school first term holiday from 13th - 21st March and I've been spending the time with my kids, my hubby are back for holiday from Hanoi and my sister in law, nephew and nieces in KL come to visit us as well. I don't have much time to cook and baking at all ☻
I'm so sorry to keep all of you waiting for the recipe. This chocolate moist cake are my son's favourite and he has been asking me to bake this cake for him several time. We doesn't need to have an oven to get this cake done, all we need is just a steamer and it taste just as good. It's easy to prepare as well. If I'm going to rate this cake, it should be 5 stars rating - very yummy!!!

Chocolate Moist Cake3

Here goes the recipe for this cake ☻

What you need:
180 g butter
200 g caster sugar
200 g full cream evaporated milk
2 eggs, slightly beaten with fork
100 g plain flour
50 g cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or 1 tsp vanilla essense
2 tbsp of rum

What to do!
Combine caster sugar, evaporated milk, vanilla extract or essense and butter in a saucepan.
Stir over low heat until sugar is dissolved and butter is melted, turn off the fire and keep warm.
Add the beaten eggs into the slightly cold evaporated milk mixture and stir till well mix.
Sift the flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and baking soda into a large mixing bowl, then pour the eggs mixture over the flour and stir till well mix (cake batter should be runny)
Heat up the steamer.
Lined and greased a 8 or 9 inch round baking pan.
Pour the batter into the lined pan and place the pan into the steamer and cover the top of the pan loosely with a piece of aluminium foil.
Cover the steamer and steam over medium heat for 45 mins.
Cool the cake in pan before turning out for further decoration.

Chocolate Fudge Topping
200 g condense milk
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or 1 tsp vanilla essense
2 tbsp corn oil
20 g cocoa powder, sifted
a pinch of salt

Combine the sifted cocoa powder, condense milk and oil.
Stir over low heat till thicken.
Add in salt and vanilla extract or essense.
Cool the chocolate topping a little before spreading on the cake.
Refrigerated before serve it.


1. The sweetness of this cake are just nice, not too sweet and it's very chocolatey taste.
2. I did not line the cake pan, but i greased the pan generously with butter.
3. Boil a kettle of water as stand-by while steaming the cake. This is to top up the water in the steamer if it dries up…(Optional, but i find it useful…)


Yih Yann said...

Yummy yummy...i like chochalate

Sue Sue said...

Your cake makes me drooling. Hehe.. by the way wan to ask u some photography thingy. What camera you used ah for you food shots? Need to get some advice b4 i purchase one leh.

Wendy said...

wei friend...still busy? waiting for your recipe ler..

alainely said...

Where it says use corn oil for the chocolate fudge topping, it is suitable to use vegetable or sunflower oil instead? Many thanks

alainely said...

The part where you use corn oil in the chocolate fudge topping...can you use vegetable or sunflower oil instead? Many Thanks

TINTIN said...

Yih Yann: This is yummy, u should try it!

Sue Sue: I use the Canon 350D DSLR camera for most of my food shots in this blog :P

Giggle: Sorry for keep u waiting.. :D

Alainely: Ya you can replace the corn oil with same amount of vegetable or sunflower oil for the chocolate fudge topping.

Colin Woon said...

Mmmmm...chocolate cake is my favorite! Looks really moist and delicious!

Unknown said...

I make it yesterday night. The taste is good. yummy yummy...

TINTIN said...

Colin: You should try this..it's yummy! Use the good quality cocoa powder okay.

Lay Yin: Glad to know you have tried and like it :D

ChichaJo said...

Oh my! This cake looks divine! Love the first photo...makes me want to dive right into it! :)

Olivia said...

Great cake... will definitely try it one day.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe


Happy said...

Hi, how much is "200 g full cream evaporated milk " equal to how much cup or ml?

My Little Space said...

OMG, this is heavenly good! Love it. Already salivating!

Jane Chew said...

Thanks for this yummy chocolate cake recipe. Did this yesterday & My family enjoy this very much. Thanks.

Simonne said...

I made this as well.
Very nice cake but i never try them with the glaze, shall try it next time
Oh didnt know condensed milk - Lady brand is recommended. I've just bought the "Gold Coin" brand as its easier to open

Casey said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe! Can I use cake flour?

TINTIN said...

Casey ... yes you can use cake flour for this recipe :)

myrtle said...

WoW! all i can say is yummy yummy.. love it..thanks for posting the recipe. .gonna try this one.=)

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yummylittlecooks said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe, I made it, so delicious!!

Catherine Tock said...

Hi I've tried this chocolate but after 45minutes steamed the middle of the cake still watery please help :-)

Catherine Tock said...

hi Thanks for the wonderful recipes but after 45 minutes steamed the middle of the cake still watery .Please help :-)
Thanks !

laykeow said...

hi, may i noe is that we need to stir the egg mixture until it's stiff?

mmmyen said...

hi, can use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk?


mmmyen said...

hi, can use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk



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