Sunday, March 29, 2009

Meat Frankfurter Rolls

Frankfurter Rolls2

Feeling lazy to cook?? The kids getting bored eating rice everyday??? This is what I cook for lunch today. Ya, I admit of being lazy ~ lol ☻ My kids sometimes get bored with rice and they're asking for something new. Bread?? yay~ it's their favourites!! But, I can't just let them eat the bread with peanut butter or jam alone. I have to make sure they got a proper meal even they are just having bread as lunch. What I do is, I make this meat and vegetables as the fillings for the bread, it's more healthy and the kids loves it lots.


It makes a perfect meal when served with baked potatoes and some french fries. We can have some vegetable salad as side dishes too.

Meat Bun1

Here is the recipe for this quick & easy meal.

What you need!

4 Gardenia Frankfurter Rolls/buns, cut a line at the center
1 tbsp butter

Ingredients for the fillings

200 g loin pork meat/chicken breast (diced)
1 medium onion (diced)
1 medium tomato (diced)
1/2 tsp or more ground black pepper (add more if u like more black pepper taste)
1 tbsp bean paste ("tao cheong")
1 tbsp sugar
few shakes of Italian herbs
salt to taste (if the bean paste are salty enough, just omit the salt)
1 tsp of corn flour mix with 1 tbsp of water
1 tbsp olive oil

What to do?

Marinate the diced loin meat with black pepper and italian herbs for at least 20 mins.
Heat the non-stick pan. Add some butter and heat the bread till it's slightly brown.
Add in the olive oil and stir fried the onion till it's soft. Stir in the diced loin meat. Cook for a while.
When the meat started to turn white colour, add in a tablespoon of bean paste. Continue to stir it till it's a bit dry.
Add in the diced tomato, continue to stir and add in all the seasoning - sugar & salt to taste.
Stir in the corn flour mix to thicken it.

Fill the meat fillings on the bread. Yay~ you can have a bite on it now!! ☻'s simply yummilicious!!

Notes: Becareful when adding the bean paste, try 1/2 tbsp first and taste the cooking before you add more of it. Different brand of bean paste have different saltiness taste. We can add cubed carrots, corns, mushrooms, green peas as well to your preference. I just cook this with what available in my fridge ☻


Colin Woon said...

That looks like a perfect meal to me! Sure looks yummilicious!

Agnes said...

yummy to me!! for me in the afternoon i will let my son have fresh milk+cereal or Sandwich or porridge or noodle. so everyday i will made sure he eat different type of food so he won't complaint to me..hahaha


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