Thursday, March 12, 2009

Steamed Yam Cake - 芋頭糕

Steamed Yam Cake1

Being diagnose with diabetes my mother couldn't take sugar and eat most of the cakes I baked. My poor mom, she just smells and look at them but won't even take a bite on them, she is a very discipline patient☻ Today, I make this steamed yam cake specially for her. I wish that she can join us, eat with us and enjoy it. It has been quite sometime I last cook the Yam Cake, our all time favourite. It's best to be eaten with sweet chili sauce.


400g yam (peeled & cubed)
2/3 tsp chinese five spice powder

For batter:
200g (2 cups) rice flour
800g (4 cups) water
50g topiaco flour/cornstarch
1 1/2 tsp salt or to taste
1/4 tsp of pepper

For garnishing:

100g shallots (sliced & fried)
80g dried shirmp (soaked, fried & coarsely chopped)
2 red chilies (sliced)
some spring onion (chopped)


Mix the batter ingredients using wooden spoon, make sure that all lumps of flour are dissolved. Strain the batter if necessary.

Heat 1 tbsp of the remaining oil when frying shallots, add in the yam cubes, five spice powder and fry till they are cooked/soft. Pour in the batter to mix with yam, keep stirring in low heat till it thickens up. Keep on stirring the batter as the topiaco flour makes the thickening a lot faster. Beware not to burn the batter.

Once the batter are really thick. Remove from heat and pour the batter mixture into a steaming pan.

Steamed in the preheated steamer at high heat for about 40 minutes or until it's cooked through. Leave to cool before garnish it with fried dried shrimps, fried shallots, chopped spring onion and slices of red chilies.

Voila ~ the yam cake is ready to be served !!!☻

Steamed Yam Cake2

Note: Don't worry if the cake turn out a bit sticky and soft when it is hot, it will become firm when the cake is cool. Mommy, I hope you'll like it! ☻


温馨小屋 said...

waw! look so delicious!! yummy..

FAD MOM said...

they look so good i want to eat them now!

Kikey Loo said...

oh my.. i miss 芋頭糕 so much!!

Wendy said...

tin tin, i wanted to make this yam cake long time ago, already bought the ingredients but lazy to take another steps, the yam and dried shrimp were finally gone to my yam rice cooking!! LOL!!

I hv posted the char siu bao skin recipe, enjoy!!!

Blur Mommy said...

This looks so yummy! I haven't had this for so long. Thanks for sharing.

Agnes said...

ooo..i love yam cake. Can i have one pls?

TINTIN said...

Agnes: LOL~ Sure you can have it but you are so far away! :D


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