Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dragon Fruit Jelly

Dragon Fruit Jelly1

Today I bought some dragon fruits from the market. Dragon fruit is one of my favourite especially the red flesh one. It's juicy and sweet. Both my daughters they don't take fruits except my elder daughter she only take banana. They loves jelly, so I cook this dragon fruit jelly for them. Apart from having the jelly alone, at the same time they get to eat the fruit along. It's a good way to encourage them to take fruits and they grown to love dragon fruit a lot now. I blended it and they don't feel like eating fruits in the jelly. No colouring and flavour are added as it's a natural from the fruit - very healthy ya!!☻

This is how the dragon fruit look like. Does it look like dragon?? The dragon fruit is actually the fruit from a cactus plant and it has a bright red skin which can be peeled easily.
There is the white flesh variety and the other being the red flesh variety. It is best eaten chilled but do take care with your clothing because due to its juiciness, the red coloured juice will stained our clothes.

Dragon Fruit Jelly2

Here is the recipe for this jelly☻

Ingredients :
30g jelly strips (agar-agar)
200g sugar (can be easily reduce to 180g)
1 litre water
1 large dragon fruit - skinned & blended
3 pandan leaves - knotted


Wash & soak the jelly strips for 10 mins or more.
Bring water to boil. Add jelly strips, knotted pandan leaves and cook till it is fully dissolved.
Add in sugar and cook till it is completely dissolved, turn off heat.
Discharged pandan leaves.
Stir in blended dragon fruit puree into the jelly mixture.
Pour the mixture onto the jelly mould or 2 inch tray.
Allow to cool down before chill it in the fridge.

Note: *If you prefer to have bites of the dragon fruit in jelly. Don't blend the dragon fruit instead cut them in 1cm cubes and drop it in the cooked jelly. Reduce the sugar if the dragon fruit are sweet and vice versa. This jelly makes a good after dinner dessert☻


Wendy said...

hei friend, I am a huge fan of jelly, you make me mouth watering ald.!!

FAD MOM said...

i oso love Dragon Fruit.. my girls love them too.. but she eats with eyes closed! hahaha she say scared or the colour wor...hahahah


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